What is Direct Debit?

An instruction to the bank giving authorisation to a company to collect funds from a person's account. It's an automated fully regulated system so it is simple not just for the customer but also for the company collecting the funds.

Why Choose Direct Debit?

67% of households choose to make payments using Direct Debit. As a company you will benefit from faster payments, more control of your finances, flexibility for you and your customers and security as everyone is covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee.

What is needed to be able to collect Direct Debits?

A Service User Number is required to be able to submit Bacs files. You can apply for this at your bank by speaking to the Bacs liaison team. Once you have this number you need to elect a registered Bacs bureau to process your files.

Why Choose Appletree?

Appletree's Direct Debit Bureau can provide you with a cost effective and convenient solution for collecting your customer's funds. With 10 years' of operating experience as a Direct Debit Bureau we will be able to provide you with comfort and peace of mind that your payments are being processed regularly and efficiently in accordance with the guidelines issued by Bacs. Twice a month, twice a week or twice a year which ever frequency you choose we are able to accommodate. Using in house developed software we have the ability to submit files on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis; it all depends on your business requirements.

Call us on 0161 452 8000 so we can discuss your requirements and provide you with a transparent 'per transaction' costing or for regular submitters we can arrange fixed submission fees allowing as many transactions as you wish to put in a single file.

A Bacs bureau undergoes regular security reviews of its transmission environment and is independently assessed by Bacs themselves to maintain their status as a Bacs bureau, as well as requiring authorised software approved by Bacs in order to connect to the Bacs systems. As well as maintaining compliance with the Bacs scheme, Appletree have high levels of information security protecting your sensitive data, and we also maintain full compliance with the PCI DSS as a Level one service provider, undergoing regular external audits and penetration tests, meaning our data security is really world class.