Appletree Communications

Appletree Communications (ATUK) operating from Bury, Manchester acts as the support arm for infrastructure and IT services to Appletree Mauritius. These include Payment Gateway services and the management of key contracts for the provision and delivery of its data centre and IT infrastructure. Additionally, ATUK aligns its Business Development, Account Management, Software integration and strategic product development to the Appletree group.

Appletree Mauritius

In April 2004, Appletree set up its offshore operation in Mauritius, within a 5500 sq. ft. facility, and has over 85 operational call centre and BPO processing desks. Mauritius was selected because of its stable investment friendly regulatory regime, open to foreign investors and holding a strong consortium of human resource and talents.

Appletree Mauritius (ATMU) undertakes key cost centre activities, which include operations, customer service centre, IT and software development support and sales. ATMU offers full 24hr support within its contact centre and operations, comprising of help desk, reporting, finance, administration and subscriber fulfillment. This offshore centre provides a cost competitive edge of over 50% operational effectiveness compared to Europe, and a base to service the Africa/ Asia region.

Why Mauritius

Appletree chose Mauritius whilst preparing for a period of rapid growth. Our choice to offshore, partially driven by cost, was heavily influenced by the stability and flexibility offered by the island as an offshore centre, coupled with a culture where customer service is paramount to its workforce. With both a positive fiscal and legal business environment, Mauritius is ideally positioned to serve businesses within Europe, Africa and APAC (Asia-Pacific) countries. Our established team, infrastructure and reduced operational costs (vs.Mainland Europe), enabled Appletree to develop and deliver new, bespoke and innovative solutions with dramatic reduced setup timescales to any potential client or partner.